How point spread works, point spread explained



 For those visitors new to the sports betting topic, we have added this guide to teach you how the point spread works and try our best to explain the point spread the simplest way possible. It's a fact that the point spread is the most popular form of betting, especially on the NFL games, and one may have heard references to spread betting on the TV, in books, etc. But for many the question of how point spread works remains a mystery. Whether you want to learn how the point spread works in order to place bets or out of simple curiosity, this guide should be able to give you the basics of spread betting. You can learn more about the NFL point spread at this website.


 What is point spread, how point spread works: In it's simplest form, the spread is point handicap given to one of the football teams. It takes the form of plus/minus sign followed by numbers. An example of point spread is "New England Patriots -7". The "-7" is the point spread. It simply means that if you bet the point spread on the Pats, New England must win the game by more than seven points in order for your bet to be a winner. If the spread was "+7", the plus sign indicates that the team must lose the game by no more than 7 points for your spread bet to be a winner. So, let's put this in a nutshell - the minus sign in front of the point spread means that those points will be taken from the NFL team's final score and the plus sign means that those points will be given to the football team in the end. The point spread on an NFL game would always have one team being "given" points (+7) and the other team being "taken away" points (-7), the points are always the same for either team. Here is an example of NFL point spread:

New England Patriots -7
San Diego Chargers +7

 As you can see, both spread numbers are the same for each team, the only thing that changes is the + and - signs, i.e. which team will be given the points handicap. The easiest way to calculate the point spread is to simply subtract the point spread from the team's final score. For example, if the final score is Patriots 21 - Chargers 17 and you've bet the Pats spread, you will lose, since 21-7=14, which would make the score Pats 14 - Charges 17, i.e. the Patriots fail to cover the point spread. Learn more about the spread and how to bet it by following the link on our top menu. - All Rights Reserved. Not associated with the NFL.