How to bet the spread, how to bet the point spread


 The majority of people would look for explanation of the NFL point spread in order to learn how to bet the spread. If you don't even know what the point spread is, you should first read how the point spread works and then come back to learn how to bet the spread. Let's assume you know now the basics of the point spread, the next question is - how to bet on the NFL point spread? First, you would need a place to bet, a sportsbook or more importantly, USA sportsbook. Make sure you check your local laws first for the legality of sports betting in your area. We assume that it's legal to bet online at your locality and you have found a sportsbook and want to place a wager on the NFL point spread. Here is an example of a point spread on a football game:

Atlanta Falcons +10 (-110)
North Carolina Panthers -10 (-110)

 What these numbers are showing us is that the Falcons are the underdog and they are given 10 points handicap, while the opposite is true for the Panthers, 10 points will be taken away from them. The -110 in the brackets is the payout your bet would generate if successful, it means that you must bet $110 in order to win $100, or if you bet $110 and your spread bet is a winner - you will get back $210. Betting the spread is really simple, you simply select the point spread of your choice and place a wager on it. Let's say you chose the Falcons +10 points on the spread. In order for your spread bet to be a winner, the Atlanta Falcons must win the game or lose the game by less than 10 points. So if the final score is Falcons 10 Panthers 14, the Falcons will cover the spread, since 10 extra points were given to the as handicap by the sportsbook, making the final score 20-14. If the Flacons score 10 points and the Panthers 20 points, the bet is a draw and you will simply get your money back. It's that simple. - All Rights Reserved. Not associated with the NFL.